Lingerie Color Guide

Lingerie Color Guide

This content is based upon Details collected upon reading many articles on shade and its psychological reactions collected around American lifestyle other countries may have different values an organizations to shade.

Black- Dark Lingerie is the most questionable shade it iLingerie Color Guides actually the lack of shade. To some along with black makes they think of death, devils, wizards etc… However symbolizes energy, Procedure and secret. In fashion black has always been a preferred due to its weight losing results and contributes a touch of complexity.

Red- Red is a very extreme shade, it gets interest immediately. Red symbolizes love, comfort, blood vessels, heat, fire, interest. The shade actually improves hypertension level and improves the hunger. Use Red Lingerie to causes views of Power, Pleasure, enjoyment, expectation, want, and energy.

White– Stands for cleanliness and purity, it also symbolizes cleanness and is used to express that message by doctors, nursing staff, and medical centers. In general along with white-colored is awesome and creates an awesome, relaxing, light breezy feeling in the clothing since.

Pink– Is the most romantic and soft shade, also the most elegant shade. Light red instantly activates thoughts of little girls, percolate gum, Barbie items (basically everything sweet and nice). There have been researches that suggest that pink environment can actually physically damage a person. Use Light red Lingerie to make your fan experience relaxed, relaxing, and softhearted.

Blue is the most popular preferred shades to both sexes. Red Signifies knowledge ,trust, and commitment. That is why most law enforcement are wearing blue & black is the preferred shade for job discussions. Use awesome Red in your clothing collection to produce a soothing effect. Deeper Colors of Red have the same results black.

Green– Is Synonymous with characteristics, including jungles, results in, serenity. also representational of luck, money, youngsters, restoration, & hope. Natural is fairly neutral on the psychological scale but can stimulate emotions of independence & approval.
Purple-Is representational for royals, luxury, prosperity. Violet does not occur often in characteristics some may experience it synthetic. However on the psychological side purple stands for emotions of interest, love and understanding. Violet seems to get interest due to the lack of seeing it often.

Yellow-Pure orange shiny yellowish is associated with cheerfulness and happiness but be careful as this shade actually affects eyes to look at. Choose smoother shades to ease the eye pain. Or Use Bright yellowish in control in accessories & cuts. Do not completely over look this in underwear though because it brings emotions a sense of fun and comfort & easy-going mind-set.

Orange is associated with comfort, satisfaction, love & is most known to stimulate the hunger. Lemon may be a useful shade for those partners whom like to eat together in bed or enjoy adult delicious products.
Brown- Natural, woodsy, Neutral. Brownish Makes an environment of stability, strength and adulthood. Research that men like this shade more than women. Brownish creates an open environment for men.