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Role Play Costume Ideas

Role playing keeps sexual connection between partners new and exciting, even after decades of marriage. However, if people keep acting out the same thing, the purpose of role play is defeated. It’s completely normal to be out of ideas from time to time, but we would like to help you. We’ll suggest you several sexy costumes to inspire and help you to come up with fresh new scenarios. Right now we will focus on female sexy roles.

“Would you like me to massage your back, Mr. Jones?”

1. The Secretary (and the boss)

She is helpful and she admires her boss. After long hours of paperwork, she would like to relax and seduce her employer.  A tie and glasses are a great choice for this role play, since they somehow reflect formal office atmosphere. However, the rest of the attire shouldn’t be as formal, of course! In a man’s fantasy, secretary is always sexy, obedient, careful and inspiring. High heels are inevitable! Continue reading