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Tips on Choosing Honeymoon Lingerie

underwear sexy 1A bride-to-be has so much things on her mind and that can be quite daunting: from picking flowers and wedding topper to booking the venue, rehearsing musicians etc. But, every woman will tell you – it’s worth it! Truth is, you just need to show you’re organized and motivated enough to make your wedding day a memorable and joyful experience. But, what happens just after the big day isn’t unimportant. Your honeymoon will be the sweetest beginning of your hubby’s and yours life together, so think about planning it with care! We don’t want to talk about honeymoon destinations, it’s up to you, but we want to give you a piece of advice about the romantic and sexy lingerie! What should you pack in a honeymoon suitcase? Well, read more to find out! Continue reading